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At Race Farms, we created our Harvest Kitchen with Jeanny Race. Jeanny is a certified nutrition therapist dedicated to creating wholesome products for you and your family.

Our motto is that we have and will never grow any GMO crops!


While we are not certified organic, we are careful and utilize IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices. We monitor our crops very carefully. We know when to let nature take its course when there are no threats, and when to apply targeted solutions, if our crops are threatened. Even when we do need help, we use substantially less solution than other commerical farms. That's because we care about what we feed our family and yours!

Our delicious homemade soups are gluten free and made in small batches.  We combine the finest farm fresh  ingredients possible to create not only tasty food, but nutrient dense food you can feel good about serving your family! You can taste the love goes into every bit!



—The Race Family


Our humus our made by combining chickpeas, white beans or black beans,  and other fine ingredients, like our home grown sweet potatoes, herbs and spices. We use only the freshest ingredients for this delicious dip!

Cold Pressed Fesh Juice 

Try our YUMMY custom blended cold pressed juices! The Ginger Carrot, Purple Passion and Green Goddess juices provide 2 - 3 lbs of produce in every bottle! The Turmeric Ginger Lemonade is a blend of hand juiced turmeric root, ginger root and fresh lemons, coupled with a touch of raw honey and black pepper (to increase the bio-availability of the powerful curcumin compound within the turmeric!)  A powerhouse of antioxidants and anti inflammatories! Enjoy our juices as part of your healthy lifestyle, or try a juice cleanse to reboot and rejuvenate, any time! Truly medicine in a bottle and they are delicious! 

Our delicious home made Ice cream is made from local milk and cream and features our seasonally grown fruits! 

Ice Cream

Apple Cider Donuts

Our Apple Cider donuts are made with our own fresh pressed apple cider and are available at the farm, farm market and all our farmer's markets in NY, NJ and PA.

Local Honey

Our honey is raw and sourced

from local beehives

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